Fat Powder – For Perfectly Textured Meals And Treats.

Processed foods are a great illustration of how science and imagination can coexist. In order to encourage creativity in the food-making process and increase food item’s shelf-life, fat powders with a variety of protein and fat contents are used. The fat powder distributed by Bragan Ingredient, as opposed to conventional fats, gives you the flexibility and convenience to experiment and create unique food creations that will pleasantly surprise your customers. Only because of the precision upheld by our A-grade suppliers throughout the manufacturing process.
The core function of fat powder is to increase the sensory profile, extend a product’s shelf life, and enhance a creamier texture, taste, and mouth feel. It is made with a dairy or glucose base and is available in the form of a free-flowing powder that has a distinct advantage in terms of ease of measuring and the ability to include it in a powdered premix such as pastry, waffle, and pancake premixes.
Fat Powder can replace conventional cream, butter, and/or vegetable liquids and the Fat Powder supplied by Bragan Ingredients contains up to 80% of vegetable fat including coconut, palm kernel, and sunflower, all in both versions hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated, and up to 10% of proteins.
Here’s an easy waffle recipe that includes our fat powder (along with other ingredients supplied by Bragan) for those easy summer breakfast meals. Fat powder makes waffles crispier, introduces a buttery taste, and gives the desired brown colour.
Content (g)
Baking powder
Fat Powder
Additional ingredients
1 egg
Method of preparation:
– Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.
– Add the eggs and milk to the dry ingredients and stir until evenly distributed.
– Pour as much of the dough to cover the preheated waffle iron plate and cook until you receive a golden-brown product (around 4-5 min).
Serve and enjoy!
You can purchase your Fat Powder from Bragan Ingredients by contacting enquiries@braganingredients.co.za
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