Viscogel is a modified maize starch (E1422) that is manufactured by Hexus who carries HACCP and ISO 22000 food safety certification and is distributed by Bragan Ingredients throughout Africa.
It is extremely versatile and can be utilised in many Food applications as a thickening agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, or disintegrant. Viscogel has high stability against, acid, shear, time, cooling, and freezing and is a versatile all-around starch, providing excellent results.
I keep a small jar at home for cooking and it replaces the corn starch /maize starch (Mazeina) in all our sauces and gravies. Unlike the normal starch, the gravies and sauces get an ultra-smooth texture which has a lovely mouth feel and looks amazing too. It’s also very forgiving and if you boil it for too long it does not break down back to its watery state like normal starch. Neither does it separate or break down when you refrigerate and rewarm the sauce/gravy numerous times and it still maintains its perfect consistency.
Viscogel has been developed particularly for use in the food manufacturing industry and carries both Halaal and Kosher certifications. Viscogel is available in a GMO variant which we stock as well as a non-GMO variant which is available on request. This Cook up starch is Gluten free.
This is a very versatile product and can be used in the following applications: Pharmaceutical, Yoghurt, Dairy Beverages, UHT Custards, UHT Flavoured Milk, Filling Creams, Whipping Creams, Fruit Preparations, Toppings, Syrups, Desserts, Food powders, Canned foods, Frozen products, Processed Meats, Soups, Sauces (Pizza toppings, cheese sauces – straight or in lasagne, macaroni, etc manufacturing, Mayonnaise), Gravies, spices, Salad dressings, Confectionary (Jelly beans, etc) Repacking, Bakery (including pre-mixes, batters, pies, pastries, etc), Noodles, dry mixes, condiments, chewing gums, snacks and even Braai Briquettes.
Some other Brand names in the market are Kolguard, Maxigel, Colflo, Thermoflo, Resistamyl, Thermtex, Clearam.
Viscogel comes packaged in 25kg multi-wall, paper bags, with a Polyethylene inner liner.
Written by: Nathan Bevis
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